About Me

After having two near death experiences and hitting rock bottom in my teenage years, I knew something needed to change. I didn’t understand why ten years of therapy wasn’t doing the trick. After feeling like a lost cause, my mother introduced me to a Spiritual Adviser. After one session, I was amazed at how different I felt. I was experiencing sensations in my body that felt right, but unlike anything before. My Spirit was dialoguing with me! This expanded my views of the world and myself making me want to know more about what healers were doing. Through working with many other healers, my gifts were brought to my attention. I always felt as if I was different than others, but was too afraid to explore that idea because going against the grain was “wrong”. Although scared, I continued on my own spiritual journey embracing the gifts I posses. I could see the energy fields of everything and everyone surrounding me. It was as if I was a newborn baby seeing everything for the very first time. I was seeing myself for the first time. Excitement over took me when I would go inside myself daily and communicate with my spirit and soul. By raising my consciousness and awareness through meditation, my frequencies began rising. My life was shifting towards abundance in all areas of my life. I was empowered to be the true divine me and was radiating love no matter where I would go. I wanted everyone to feel how I was feeling now. There would be days where I was driving down the road and would begin bawling because I was so happy. I finally felt at peace with exactly who and where I was. I knew I was on the right path because I could feel my spirit urging me on and being my biggest supporter. My Spirit displayed my purpose to me at the perfect time. It became abundantly clear during my daily meditations and would not leave my mind. I accepted my purpose for being here and dialogued with Spirit that I was ready to move forward and create a life I love. Now I am here to help others create abundance in their lives and let the light inside of them beam out. This is when my life’s work began. I started offering reading and energy clearings to friends and family knowing things that no one could explain by simply allowing my spirit to take over and lead the way. My passions of helping people and animals blossomed into my own business allowing me to dialogue with your spirit and the Universal energies continuously. The holistic approach I use is based solely on assisting you in unleashing your heart’s purest desires and activating the self-healing mechanisms for mind, body, and spirit so that you can be one with Spirit.